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4th generation Coloradoan Scott Williams is an actively licensed real estate associate broker with Hall Realty in Lake City, Colorado. An avid outdoorsman, Scott grew up hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, biking and generally enjoying the spectacular lifestyle and offerings that Colorado provides. With degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology, Scott is obviously interested in people. He greatly enjoys sharing his passion for Lake City and Hinsdale County, Colorado with anyone interested in buying a cabin, house, or parcel in the most Switzerland-like part of Colorado, the Lake City area. Please email or call Scott if he can help with your real estate needs. 970-944-FISH (3474)

Why Buy Real Estate in Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado? Because Hinsdale County, Colorado is made up of over 95% public lands – including National Forests and 4 Wilderness Areas – the small amount of private land available sits in the middle of one of the most scenic places on earth. Our county is the only one in the lower 48 with five 14-thousand foot peaks which make exhilarating backdrops for any number of outdoor recreational activities. Lake City proper, the only town in the county, is a National Historic District with over 200 charming historic structures and only about 500 full-time residents. Lake City’s namesake, Lake San Cristobal, is the second largest natural lake in Colorado and offers fishing, boating and a spectacular setting in which to enjoy hiking, camping, RVing, 4-wheeling, etc… In the winter Lake San Cristobal provides ice fishing, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing opportunities. Surrounding Lake City are hundreds of miles of hiking, off road, and snowmobile trails. Despite the remote nature of Lake City and Hinsdale County, the town does get cellular phone service (within 5 miles of town) and has a medical clinic. What the town doesn’t have is any stops lights or chain restaurants! See below for more information and links to fun activities in and around Lake City, Colorado.